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Antique Appraisal New York


The field of collecting fine art and antiques can seem complex as the trends in collecting are an on going process. You may be thinking of appraising a recent purchase for insurance coverage or updating an insurance appraisal of a fine painting or antique statuary.

Maybe you just want to know how your antique investment is progressing. Ragazzi Appraisals services the New York area including: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens Counties. All appraisals are tailored to the clients' needs, which may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

When purchasing antiques for an investment, specialized knowledge is not the only factor which may turn an interesting speculation into a sound investment. For example; what is the trade doing with regard to your speculation? Are there exhibitions planned? The rarity of the item is relative, what is the age of the art work or antique? Were there many made? Where, and by whom?

Political stability may affect people's interest in buying, or selling their antiques and fine art. All of these questions can be answered by the appraiser with an Antique or Fine Art appraisal. It is prudent for collectors whether they are seasoned private collectors or just beginning the adventuresome journey of collecting to have their antiques appraised either ; before the purchase or there after.

The appraiser's knowledge and expertise can help protect the collector from purchasing fakes, reproductions, forgeries and attributions that may be suspect.

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