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Insurance Coverage Appraisal

Joseph Ragazzi
Antique, Fine Art and Personal Property Appraiser New York City
Member of the Appraisers Association of America, Since 1980

Insuring your valuable possessions may be the prudent choice in protecting your investment from unforeseen losses, i.e., theft, fire and storm or breakage during a move.

What does an appraisal involve?

Initial inspection of items to be appraised which includes observation of appearance, age, quality, origin, provenance, previous restoration.

The appraisal includes photographs of each item listed on the appraisal document, with photos of imperfections or special characteristics if they exist.

The documentation of goods by an accredited appraiser shows ownership of property and lists a detailed written description of the items including country of origin, age, material, maker marks and any edition #s and/or model #s that are pertinent. Dimensions of all items are documented. Measurements and weights of precious metals with calibrations for precious stones are submitted. The estimate on an insurance appraisal most often uses Retail Replacement Value. Retail Replacement Value is the highest price in terms of cash that would be required to replace a property with another of similar age, quality, origin, appearance and condition.

It is recommended that an Insurance Coverage Appraisal is kept up to date with market fluctuations. Usually every three to five years is time to review.

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