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Insurance Appraisals Insuring your valuable possessions may be the prudent choice in protecting your investment from unforeseen losses, i.e., theft, fire and storm or breakage during a move. It is recommended that an Insurance Coverage Appraisal is kept up to date with market fluctuations. Usually every three to five years is time to review.

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Know the real value Are your personal properties worth a FORTUNE? Would you like to sell you Antiques, jewelery or fine arts , but; aren't sure of their worth ? We can help ! Mr. Ragazzi has a broad range of expertise in the world of antiques, fine art, jewelry and personal property appraisals. His ability to recognize ... Read more »

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Estate Appraisals Estate appraisals are usually of residential contents for the purpose of estate tax or equitable division of assets. Residential contents or personal property may include antiques, decorative and fine arts, silver, jewelry and household furnishings. The estate appraisal will list a detailed written description of the items including country of origin if known, age, material, maker marks and any edition #s and/or model #s that are available. Dimensions of all items are documented... Read more »

personal property appraisers queens new york

Antiques If you are that collector or want-to-be collector our services can help you clarify the origin, age and value of the object(s) you desire or own If you are wondering if your things are worth a fortune or not, we can clarify your questions with an appraisal... Read more »

Why to choose us ? We value our customers and our integrity, therefore our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.
Our pledge is we adhere to the code of ethics of the USPAP and The Appraisers Association of America.
Our documented reports are completed in a timely fashion, usually within five days after the inspection or sooner depending on the amount of items and / or research involved. Read more »

<personal property appraisers queens new york
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Personal property and estate appraisal frequently asked questions